Mission Statement:

Our mission is to spread blessings to the under-privileged and vulnerable populations by providing quality education, nutrition, medical, and agricultural needs and items such as books, medicine, medical and agricultural equipment, clothing, and more. In order to enhance human services programs and sustainability of human life, under-privileged adults will be trained and equipped to grow their own food and become self sufficient.

We will achieve these goals through collaborating and combining values, principles and resources across continents to enhance lives and build a brighter future for the vulnerable populations. Local cooperatives will be formed to provide further support and continuity.

Vision Statement:

To provide human services programs and support to the underprivileged children and adults through giving, caring, and training them in areas of health, education, nutrition, etc. so they could become self-sufficient.

We are seeking new donations and if interested please send your intent to us via our contact form.