Trip Report 2013

The idea of JENAR began as a way to give back to the people who trained and provided us with our core values and education. The establishment of this Foundation has been long and tedious. However, in 2006 the Foundation was launched and the first trip to Nigeria to distribute mosquito nets and medications as well as to explore ways to assist with HIV/AIDS took place. In our journey we have met and received some hospital equipment from the Swanson Family Foundation and IVU Med Organization who has been to Nigeria and provided urology help for women and other local community partners.

In 2006 the Foundation made its first humanitarian trip to Calabar, Nigeria and delivered mosquito nets and a six months supply of malaria medicine to Pope John Paul II Good Samaritan Home for the Poor and The Aged and The Needy. The partnership continued by sending additional funds to assist with the distribution of the mosquito nets and malaria medicines.

JENAR Foundation Trip Report 2013

In December 2013 six people from USA made a three day trip to Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria and two from South Africa joined. The team was greeted with four more mission volunteers in Calabar, Nigeria who were waiting and ready to roll their sleeves and give the Old Nya's Clinic a face lift.

On the first day we met with the owner of the clinic Dr. Emmanuel Nya Sr. and the Project Manager Mr. Ekpo Ayi to receive our instructions. Both Dr. Nya Sr. a retired Family Practitioner and the Project Manger were so excited, the aged medical doctor commented that he was so happy to see this renovation effort taking place during his life time.

The Project Manager outlined the steps needed to get the renovation project started.

First step would be to remove mold from the second level of the building because the building was not completed it collects the majority of the mold.

Second step is to plaster the wall and the third step would be sealing the walls to prevent the recurrence of the mold. He added that these steps are necessary since Nigeria has a tropical weather and it rains six months of the year another six months is dry season. Mold is a living organism and thrives on wet environment.

The group was able to remove the mold and started on the plastering process when it was time to return to Ogden on January 4, 2014

You can follow us on our blog at for detail of the work that was done.

In October 2014 JENAR would again partner with Efik National Association Inc. to take medical professionals in various fields and individuals that are interested to Calabar, Nigeria for medical and outreach expedition.

SAVE this date October 3-18, 2014. If interested email me or call @ 801-621-5037 for details.

In preparation for this trip we are seeking donations of used and /new clothing, shoes, toys, (boys, girls & young adults of all ages), school / medical supplies, computers and of course funds for the clinic.

Thank you again for your contribution and compassion for getting this renovation going. Many children, women, elderly and poor would be blessed.

Joan Effiong, JENAR President/volunteer