Trip Report 2009

JENAR Foundation Trip Report 2009

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

We arrived in Calabar Nigeria on December 26, 2009 after a three day delay in Atlanta because of the bad weather that afflicted the east coast and Europe.

On December 30, 2009 we found that our former partner Pope John Paul Good Samaritan Home for the Poor and Needy had just renovated their building from a donation they received recently and would not need us this time around.

We had to find another partner who could really use our help and benefit from your gifts. Dr Anthony B. Nya, who is our medical doctor liaison, recommended that we meet with Drs. Akan Otu and Xavier O. Idem from University Teaching Hospital. They took us to visit the Children's Hospital/ Maternity Clinic to assess their needs.

We would say that God directed us to this hospital, for the experience and the needs were overwhelming. We made the decision at once to support and develop a new partnership with this hospital.

Premature Babies at Teaching Hospital Maternity ICU

Under the direction of the three doctors, JENAR donated mosquito nets, medicine, school materials, etc. to the children in both hospitals- children ICU and maternity.

During our visit, we observed that there were three premature babies in the maternity wing with no incubators available to support these babies. The Hospital used hot water bags to make a makeshift incubator for the children.
(See image right)

We were told that the mother of the twins died during childbirth, and the father was not financially able to care for the twins. He had not even seen the twins due to lack of transportation and money. We immediately decided to adopt these children and gave money to the nurses to use for the necessities to sustain them. We also provided funds to pay for the transportation of the father to visit the children. Two weeks later we went back to get an update on the welfare of the premature infants. We received good news that they were able to find the father and other relatives of the twins. The twins were released to the father, and the father and relatives were very appreciative of the assistance JENAR gave them.

In the ICU wing we observed many underprivileged children suffering from diarrhea. There were no waiting rooms available for parents, and we saw some parents sleeping on the floor anxiously waiting and praying for the recovery of their children.
Again we made the decision to buy more medicine to assist in this situation. We also donated medicine bottles for patients to keep their medicine in when they were discharged.

Our journey also took us to visit the last standing clinic whose owner is retiring. He uses the clinic to treat patients on a sliding scale fee or for free. We spoke with him about his vision for the clinic. He responded that he envisions the clinic continuing to serve the under-privileged and would welcome a partnership to ensure that his work to serve life is maintained.

We are glad to say that this trip was very successful. The management of the Teaching Hospital is very pleased to have us as their new partner and wish for a long-term partnership with JENAR. They wrote us a letter of thanks for all the support and donations they received.

Future of JENAR:

To continue to partner with the Teaching Hospital and provide medicine, incubators and educational materials to the children in both ICU wings and maternity.

Develop a partnership with the last standing clinic whose owner used to treat patients on a sliding scale fee and in many cases treat the patients free. The current owner is retiring and JENAR would like to have a campaign to raise funds to help renovate this hospital in order to continue with its charitable gesture. This clinic will also be a site where we will do our outreach work when we travel to Nigeria.

Take medical personnel, i.e. doctors, nurses, therapists and other volunteers to Calabar, Nigeria to offer their expertise, train and help with saving lives.

JENAR has been registered as an official Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria, and this would give us more visibility in both countries and allow us to seek and write for eligible grants.

JENAR is in the process of reconstructing its board here in Utah. Many of the board members' terms are expiring, and we are looking for new board members. Those who are interested or know of some dynamic hard working people who enjoy doing charitable work abroad should contact Joan @ 801-621-5037.

JENAR Foundation sincerely and heart-fully thanks each and every one of the supporters who have contributed in the years past.


Joan Effiong
President, JENAR Foundation